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How To Stay Active While At Home

woman working out on yoga mat in her living room

Those of you who have a remote job and are able to work from home most days can encounter both physical and emotional challenges. If you are at home and can’t work, there is another set of completely different challenges. Being at home makes it difficult to stay fit, keep up your energy, and stay connected with others, but not impossible! During this time, here are some tips on how to stay active while at home.

Use Your Lunch Break To Walk (Or Jog)

Walking is the best way to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally. Put on your walking shoes and walk around the block, around your neighborhood, or even in your backyard. Take a buddy with your and keep your distance. Your dog will appreciate this activity too. You will feel energized and less stressed when you return home and sit down to work again.

Use Apps And Videos

Missing the gym can be tough, so utilize the technology available today. There are many free fitness apps exactly for stay at home folks or virtual classes to join in on a daily basis. Research your favorite activity and see what sort of things people are partaking in online!

Find Movement In Everyday Activities

woman working out on yoga mat in her living room

Do stretches in the shower, touch your toes while your coffee is brewing, and jog out to get your mail. Walk around during phone calls, put on some dance music while you are cooking, and then dance – like no one is looking.

Improvise Some Weights

Got soup? Got milk? Then voila, you have weights to strengthen your arms and core.  Cans of soup and milk cartons are all you need for your own weight training class. The whole family can participate.

Keep To Your Normal Routine

Get up at your normal time, shower, get dressed and have breakfast. This type of normalcy can help get you moving each morning and stay active while at home.

Pull Some Weeds

If you have a garden of any size, there are always weeds, and they always need pulling. Even if  you container garden, there will still be those nasty weeds. This mild aerobic activity can help keep your heart pumping.

Group Chats

Pull together some friends and exercise together on Skype or other FaceTime media. Pretend you are walking and march in place. We can be alone but still stay active with friends, and remember, everyone is #alonetogether.

Contact Greater Rochester Orthopaedics if you are feeling sad or anxious during this time, or for more ideas of how to stay active while at home.