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cyclist fell off road bike while cycling and hurt elbow

What You Should Know About An Elbow Fracture Injury

Think about how it feels when you hit what many call your “funny bone.” Ouch! Now imagine how painful it must be to fracture your elbow. Here are some important facts and what you should know about an elbow fracture injury.

mature man experiencing knee pain at home

Signs that It Is Time For A Knee Replacement

If you hear that click and pop from your knee when you get up from a chair, it could be one of the signs that it is time for a knee replacement. If your activities are limited and the pain keeps you from enjoying life, it could be time to speak to Greater Rochester Orthopaedics about

man laying on couch suffering from back pain

When to Seek Treatment for Arthritis in Your Back

Arthritis can affect your back, most commonly in the lower neck and back. Pain and stiffness are the main symptoms, although the exact cause may not be known. If you suffer from arthritis in your back, it may be difficult to decide when to seek treatment. Keep reading for some clarification.

person in kitchen chopping veggies

Ways To Prevent Hand Injuries Around The Home

It’s a fact that we have been spending even more time than normal at home this year. Family chores, dad’s “to do” list, and kitchen duties can all lead to injury if we aren’t careful and paying attention. Now is a good time to remind the whole family about ways to prevent hand injuries around

Smiling senior man with weight at gym

Build Your Core Strength At Any Age With Weight Training

As we move through middle age and onward towards retirement, our bodies still crave motion. Any exercise helps us to maintain muscle mass, manage any illnesses or pain, keep us independent, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. One great way to stay healthy is to build your core strength at any age with weight

illustration comparing a normal knee with a knee with a torn ACL

How Do You Know If You Tore Your ACL?

What do Tom Brady, J.J. Watt, and Rob Gronkowski all have in common? At the top of their game, these professional athletes tore their ACL and returned to football stronger than ever. A torn ACL used to be a “game changer.” Forgive the pun, but now even you can maintain your lifestyle afterwards! But, exactly

man experiencing shoulder pain while weight lifting in gym

5 Common Shoulder Injuries From Weight Lifting

There are those who lift weights as part of their exercise routine, and then there are the serious weight lifters. The second group are certainly more rigorous and set goals well beyond their own body weight. Whichever group you fit in to, take some care and pay close attention to 5 common shoulder injuries from

woman working out on yoga mat in her living room

How To Stay Active While At Home

Those of you who have a remote job and are able to work from home most days can encounter both physical and emotional challenges. If you are at home and can’t work, there is another set of completely different challenges. Being at home makes it difficult to stay fit, keep up your energy, and stay