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Woman slipping on ice

Common injuries caused by slipping on ice

Winter weather is in full swing, which means ice is starting to line the sidewalks. With the ice and snow comes beautiful scenery, holiday spirit and a higher risk of ice-related injuries. Here are a few common injuries caused by slipping in icy conditions: Back, neck and shoulder injuries Fractures Concussions Dislocations of joints Muscle strains

Back Pain Rochester NY

5 important habits to improve back health

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain at some point in their life, and many people believe there is nothing that can be done to prevent back problems. But there are many things people can do to take care of their back now to prevent pain down the road.

Older man holding knee

Benefits of an outpatient hip or knee replacement rochester ny

A hip or knee replacement is seen as a last resort that is used when non-surgical treatments have failed. But for the right patient, advances in technology have made it possible for a person to forgo an overnight stay in the hospital. Outpatient joint replacement surgeries are growing in popularity. In fact, researchers expect that over half

Kids jumping on trampoline

AAOS warns parents of trampoline danger

Trampolines are commonplace in many backyards across the country. Children spend countless summer hours on trampolines, but the danger of trampoline use was put back into the spotlight recently after a three-year-old boy in Florida was injured on a trampoline and required a body cast for recovery. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is warning parents

greater rochester orthopaedics offers rehab for knee ligament injuries

Symptoms of a knee ligament injury

There are four main ligaments of the knee that connect the bones together and provide stability. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a knee injury, it’s important to see an orthopedic specialist to determine the best treatment plan and prevent further injury. 

woman holding her back in pain

How does injection therapy work to treat pain?

When people start to experience chronic pain in their joints, especially their back, surgery is often the first thought with regards to treatment. However, in certain situations pain relief can be found in the form of injection therapy. 

Pain from knee arthritis

Most effective ways to manage arthritis pain

Arthritis could be caused by about 100 different diseases, but it all leads to one main symptom: inflammation of the joints. Inflammation is the body’s way of fighting off injury or infection, and it is completely healthy for short periods of time. However, arthritis can cause severe, long-term inflammation which will eventually kill joint tissue.

Runners running

Preventing injuries: treadmill vs running outside

For runners, the repetitive motion and impact of shifting your body weight from one foot to the other can cause wear and tear over time. Whether you’re just starting out or completing your second marathon, you may experience heel, foot, knee and lower back pain at some point. Injuries and strains can interrupt your training schedule