Front desk

Prior to your scheduled appointment, complete all sections of the enclosed patient registration/health history form and return it to us in the stamped, self addressed envelope. If your insurance plan requires a referral, please have your primary care physician obtain your referral prior to your appointment. Have your insurance card with you and available for the receptionist to view. Please bring any x-ray or imaging studies pertaining to your orthopaedic condition(s) with you to your first appointment. This allows our team to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your condition.

Online services to make your experience at GRO more convenient

 Ortho Appointment

Online appointment request 

Our secure online appointment form allows you to request an appointment from your home. You will be contacted about your appointment after your submission.

medication refill

Refill your medication 

We also have an online form to request a prescription renewal from your doctor. 


billing online

Online bill payment 

View and pay your bills for Greater Rochester Orthopaedics right from home within our patient portal interface.

Chiro Portal

Patient portal 

Greater Rochester Orthopaedics, is pleased to announce that our practice now offers our patients an internet portal. 

Forms Gro

Complete patient forms 

 For your convenience, the forms can be completed on screen and then printed - just follow the instructions on the form itself.


Contact your provider

This secure form can be used to send a message to your healthcare provider.